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SLC2000 CNC System Details

  • Basic central computer unit is a sheet metal chassis approx. 360 x 350 150(height);
  • Can be wall or floor mounted (or on angle brackets, etc.).
  • Mfg. /assembled by SLC2000 CNC.

It contains:

  • Industrial power-supply 110watt. Universal input.
  • Outputs: +5v, + 12v, -12v
  • Auxiliary power supply:
    • (I) 15v rails for analog functions.
    • (II) +24v floating unregulated "field" supply for pushbuttons, relays, lamps, etc.
  • Cooling fan
  • Mains inlet.
  • Mains outlet (for VDU).
  • Floppy disk drive
  • Hard disk drive, or (recommended) Disk-on-Chip flash disk.
  • 8-slot ISA-bus motherboard (passive). Other boards plug into this.
  • Processor board... single-board-computer with 586-133MHz CPU (typical), RAM, hard and floppy disk drivers, COMS ports (DB9 connectors on the back plane), keyboard interface, etc.
  • VGA card (or other as required to suit LCD monitor)
  • "3AXIS" card (design/mfg. by SLC2000 CNC)
    • One card caters for three axes via three DB 15 high-density back plane connectors. Each connector has provision to receive an encoder (3-channel, 5volt, line-driver) and to issue an analog command signal (16-bit, -10v to +10v) to a servo-drive unit. Usually extra DB9 connectors are attached (adjacent back plane slot), to separate the analog from the encoder signals for wiring convenience.
    • "SIOCARD" (mfg./design by SLC2000 CNC)
    • Watchdog safety-feature.
    • Analog resources (via DB25 back plane connector)
      • Four inputs (12 bit, 0 to 10 volts), typical usage for height-following system and assist-gas pressure monitor, etc.
      • Three outputs (16 bit, -10v to + 10v), typical usage for laser-power command and gas-pressure command, etc.
  • Digital I/O and data
    • These operate via high-speed serial interface (one milli-second iteration time)... connecting to OUTSTATION cards (see below) which can be remotely located. Total capacity of serial data:
      • 96 digital inputs (sourcing) 96 digital outputs (sinking)
      • 12 data items such as m.p.g. (hand wheel) and analog inputs suitable for fascia panel pots, etc.
    All the serial data is opto-isolated from the computer system - powered by the 24v "field" supply.
  • "IODIST" card (mfg./design by SLC2000 CNC).
    • This passive card has DB15 connectors to distribute the serial I/O to OUTSTATION cards.
  • "PULSER" card (mfg./design by SLC2000 CNC)
    • This is optional card available for laser systems. Generates a pulse-train to be delivered to a laser unit (TTL, line-driver, 20mA interfaces all provided.) Allows the CNC to command pulsing (frequency and duty are user- programmable), including dynamic power control (power-ramping effect produced by varying the duty).
    • Frequency Range: 0 to 5000Hz (1Hz resolution).
    • Duty: 0 to 100%
  • "OUTSTATION" cards (mfg./design by SLC2000 CNC).
    • These connect to the SIOCARD via serial communication indicated above. The number of OUTSTATION cards in a system is variable, depending on requirements. Each card has capacity for four analog inputs (12 bit, 0 to 5 volt) and one m.p.g. input (open collector signals), and eight/sixteen/twenty- four (configurable) digital inputs and outputs.
  • Keyboard... (mfg./design by SLC2000 CNC)
    • IBM-AT compatible.
    • Intended for fascia-panel mounting.
    • Flat, sealed panel (polyester membrane overlaying short-travel highly tactile key switches).
    • Compact layout: 420 x 100 visible area.
    • MSDOS - licensed copy with each system. Executive software (by SLC2000 CNC) can be customized. Real-time motion control for up to six axes; user-program interpretation and execution; keyboard and screen interfacing (operator interface); simultaneous PLC execution; simultaneous user-program loading (via DNC or disk); simultaneous program editing via keyboard; "pre-check" graphics.
    • On laser systems the exec. software typically includes modules relating to height-following, laser-power control, gas-pressure control and monitoring, etc.
    • Configuration files (man-readable text) for machine-parameters, M-codes, G-codes, resident subprograms, etc.
    • Auxiliary program (by SLC2000 CNC) for PLC setup and documenting, using onscreen editing of ladder-logic diagram; compiles a run-time file in machine-code.
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