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Laser welding and cutting are used in a variety of industries including: Automotive, Aerospace, Furniture, Sensor, Food Preparation, Consumer Goods.

Welding ExamplesTypes of Welding:
Dissimilar Metals Joining
Tube Welding
Sensor Welding
Micro Welding
Hermetic Sealing
Blank Welding
Seam Welding


Key Welding Benefits:
Improved Consistency
Close Tolerance
Low Weld Cost per Unit
High Production Rates
High Penetration
Improved Joint Appearance
Low Heat Input - Minimal HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)
Non-Contact Processes

About Welding: Precision beam quality and high processing speeds combined with no electrode wear results in increased productivity and efficiency. Laser welding offers a consistent result due consistent beam quality and repeatability of CNC controls in the weld process.

Types of Cutting:
Acrylics / Plastics

Key Cutting Benefits:
High Cut Quality - Little or No Secondary Finishing
Minimum Clamping
No Tool Wear
CNC Controls Provide Accuracy
Low Operating Costs
Superior Edge Quality
Cleaner Process with Less Debris
Flame / Fire Polished Edge

About Cutting: A focused laser beam is able to cut through thin sheet metal, thick section metal up to 40mm and stainless steel up to 32mm oxide-free. Laser beams provides a smoother edge and better accuracy proven to be superior to plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, and at much higher speeds than water jet cutting.

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